The House That Peg Lost

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Married... With Children - Season 3 - Episode 16 - The House That Peg Lost
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About this "Married... With Children" episode:
Married... With Children - "The House That Peg Lost" is the 16th episode of season 3 and number 51 overall in the series.
While the Rhoades are away on vacation, the Bundys are called to house-sit for them, leading to the Rhoades' house being taken away by a man looking for a roadhouse. Meanwhile, Kelly has a slumber party with her best friends, which leads to chaos when Bud reveals that Kelly slept with her best friends' boyfriends. 


  1. Source 2 is the wrong episode.

  2. I'm just happy that I was able to find full episodes online to watch. Bc I literally watch this show 24/7 and couldn't find it anywhere. So thank you to whoever made this happen