Season 10

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Married... With Children - Season 10

Married... With Children - Episode 01 - Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
(Air date: September 17, 1995)
Al is excited when Bud decides to move out after he gets embarrassed by his parents while he is with a girl. He is a bit disappointed when Bud moves back in to the basement, and horrified when Peg's mother comes to live with them after splitting up with Peg's father. 

Married... With Children - Episode 02 - A Shoe Room with a View
(Air date: September 24, 1995)
Bud loses his job as the driving inspector and gets a gig as apprentice chimney sweep. Al suggests an aerobics studio for the open lot next door to Gary as a new business idea after Kelly complaints about her commute to her aerobics class. He puts peep holes in the wall to look at good looking women, but is horrified to learn that the women ...

Married... With Children - Episode 03 - Requiem For a Dead Briard
(Air date: October 1, 1995)
Kelly is broken up over Buck's death and the family must cheer her up, which they attempt to do by offering other pets, all of which are shot down aside from a parrot she calls Tweety, which Peg's mother later eats (having mistaken it for a chicken). Meanwhile, Buck has gone to "animal heaven," where his guide, a chicken mascot accidentally sent there by computer ...

Married... With Children - Episode 04 - Reverend Al
(Air date: October 8, 1995)
When the beer tax increases, NO MA'AM is not able to afford beer. To make some money and gain tax-exempt status, NO MA'AM becomes a church, with Al as the reverend. Peg buys gifts for herself for her birthday and asks the kids to give it to her. Marcy exposes them, but guys across the country support him and send him $10 each.

Married... With Children - Episode 05 - How Bleen Was My Kelly
(Air date: October 15, 1995)
In order to prepare for her role as Marie Curie in a made-for-TV movie, Kelly poses as a scientist on a grant from Crayola to invent a new color she calls "Bleen" and mixes a bio-hazardous chemical as part of her cover, which she brings home to hide in Al's shower where she thinks it'll be safe.

Married... With Children - Episode 06 - The Weaker Sex
(Air date: October 22, 1995)
Al mocks Marcy and Peg for taking self-defence class, but a potential thief going after Al's wallet, Peg punches him and becomes the hero. Al feels sissy and tries to set up a bar fight. But Peg punches first and ruins it again. Bud tries to film it but gets caught with a giant woman. Kelly sees a dumb man, who later while proposing becomes Al's guinea pig. 

Married... With Children - Episode 07 - Flight of the Bumblebee
(Air date: October 29, 1995)
To earn his membership into NO MA'AM, Bud must take a photo of himself with wrestler King Kong Bundy. With Kelly's help he gets near King Kong dressed as a bee. But due to Kelly's foolishness, he ends up in the fighting ring. Meanwhile, NO MA'AM watches the match with their wives and the wives are all turned on by the violence.

Married... With Children - Episode 08 - Blond and Blonder
(Air date: November 5, 1995)
Kelly and her best friends meet at the Bundy house and reminisce how mean they were to nerds. Bud also gets teased a lot, but a girl with braces has hots for him. But at their 5 years high school reunion, they compete for the rich nerd, Eric whom Kelly teased in high school. Bud & Eric get together and take revenge.

Married... With Children - Episode 09 - The Two that Got Away
(Air date: November 19, 1995)
Al and Jefferson's fishing lodge is taken away by Shannon Tweed and Jefferson plots revenge. But when they realize that they unknowingly took a nude picture of Shannon Tweed & some guy, they try to make a small fortune. Kelly and Bud try to get Lucky a part in a dog food commercial.

Married... With Children - Episode 10 - Dud Bowl II
(Air date: November 26, 1995)
Marcy tries to do her best to stop her bank from dedicating a scoreboard at Polk High to Al by getting Terry Bradshaw to usurp the honor. Al makes plan to sabotage the event with Bud & Jefferson's help. Kelly decides to help Al by speaking to Terry and he agrees to help her. 

Married... With Children - Episode 11 - Bearly Men
(Air date: November 26, 1995)
To get rid of Peg's mother, Al tries to prove himself to Peg's father and then convince him to come and take her. On Bud's suggestion he & Bud goes bear hunting with Peg's dad and get abandoned there. They accidentally knock off a bear and bring Peg's dad to Chicago assuming that it's dead. The bear runs away and raids Marcy & Jefferson's car. So Peg's dad leave Peg's mom behind to find the bear. 

Married... With Children - Episode 12 - Love Conquers Al
(Air date: December 10, 1995)
On Jefferson & Marcy's suggestion, Al, Peggy, and her parents go to a marriage retreat/water park to get her parents back together. Peg's father runs away with another man's wife on a world tour. Meanwhile, Kelly dates a Hispanic man who won't put out, while Bud dates the man's sexually excited cousin. 

Married... With Children - Episode 13 - I Can't Believe It's Butter
(Air date: December 17, 1995)
Kelly & Bud decide to earn their own Christmas gift money. Al's friends get addicted to calling a woman named Butter at a 1-900 phone sex line, but Al finds out that the woman is Peg's mother. With the money she earns, she buys all a nice Christmas dinner. 

(Air date: January 7, 1996)
When Kelly giver her agent, Bud, an ultimatum, he tries to get new clients. When that fails too, Bud borrows money from the mob for Kelly's exercise video. But when she has a disagreement with the male lead in the video the mob says they will kill Bud if the video isn't finished. Peggy convinces Al to get a satellite dish. Al and Jefferson try to install it themselves. 

(Air date: January 14, 1996)
 Bud tries his best to shoot the video, but keeps failing. Finally he plays both the music and succeeds in making a video. Peggy and Marcy make money by placing bets on which husband will fall where. Finally the men decide to just stay up and hide from their wives. 

(Air date: January 14, 1996)
 Bud tries his best to shoot the video, but keeps failing. Finally he plays both the music and succeeds in making a video. Peggy and Marcy make money by placing bets on which husband will fall where. Finally the men decide to just stay up and hide from their wives. 

(Air date: February 11, 1996)
Bud and Kelly visit Jefferson in the hospital, who tells them the story. For his Anniversary, Marcy wants him to be away from Al, but he goes to nudie bar with them to see the Mexican babes. He gets delayed there and based on a stripper's suggestion he decides to get a tattoo from a drunk guy at the nudie bar, but it ends up misspelled.

(Air date: February 18, 1996)
Part one of two. During spring break, Kelly and friends seduce Bud and friends out of their airline tickets and hotel reservations at Fort Lauderdale. Al, Jefferson, and Griff go to Fort Lauderdale to judge a bikini contest. When Marcy sees Jefferson and Al on a spring break TV special, she heads out to Fort Lauderdale with Bud and friends.

(Air date: February 25, 1996)
When Al discovers that the bikini competition Jefferson is judging has a $100,000 prize, he has Kelly enter, and he and Griff become judges to pick Kelly. When, Marcy, Bud, and friends, after many hiccups finally arrive at Fort Lauderdale and ruin everything.

(Air date: March 17, 1996)
Marcy gets a chance to get promoted, but she has to impress her Japanese boss (Pat Morita). He sets his eyes on Al's Dodge. Marcy tries to convince Al to sell his Dodge by offering a lot of money & taking him to the nudie bar, where she meets her boss too.

(Air date: March 24, 1996)
After taking Lucky out daily at 3:00am, Al decides to build a dog house. Marcy calls a building inspector to trouble him. Kelly tries to woo Carlos by changing her looks. Finally with Carlos's money & help Al gets the dog house up with all permissions intact.

(Air date: April 14, 1996)
In this spinoff episode (which features Kelly in a major role and the rest of the Bundy family in a supporting role), Kelly dates a man who is only using her to get back at his ex-girlfriend. Tom, a deliveryman who lives with his girlfriend, Shanon, his sister & her boyfriend, an out of work sexy guy. This episode focuses upon the conflict between Shanon & Tom.

(Air date: April 28, 1996)
Sex gets in the way of Bud studying for his finals, and he risks being expelled when he is caught masturbating in the school library. Marcy comes to his rescue by defending him.

(Air date: May 5, 1996)
Kelly gets a commercial where the male-lead is fired. Jefferson pitches in and they get very popular. For a follow-up commercial, they have to kiss. Al & Marcy get very angry and go to the set, where they discover that the scene has been changed to post-coital. Jefferson leaves due to some creative differences and Al & Marcy replace them.

(Air date: May 19, 1996)
Al helps Griff win a trip to Atlanta for the Olympic games by helping him answer questions on a radio sports quiz, from where he is banned. As a thanks, Griff agrees to allow Al to hold the Olympic Torch, until a girl comes by. With fame and photo and in Big UNs, Al gets very jealous and throws the torch into the mall fountain.

(Air date: May 26, 1996)
Members of NO MA'AM start playing practical jokes on each other. Griff lands in prison, gets tried and then punished for being a cannibal. Jefferson & Al take turns and fool each other. When an old "friend" of Peggy's comes to seduce Al to avenge Peggy, he thinks it's all an elaborate practical joke done by Jefferson and plays along.


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  11. Episode 5,6 and 7 are wrong.Instead of How Bleen Was My Kelly at 5 It's "the weaker sex".And 6 and 7 are Flight of the Bumblebee.Please fix the error.