Requiem For a Dead Briard

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Married... With Children - Season 10 - Episode 03 - Requiem For a Dead Briard
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About this "Married... With Children" episode:
Married... With Children - "Requiem For a Dead Briard" is the 3rd episode of season 10 and number 212 overall in the series.
In this episode Kelly is broken up over Buck's death and the family must cheer her up, which they attempt to do by offering other pets, all of which are shot down aside from a parrot she calls Tweety, which Peg's mother later eats (having mistaken it for a chicken). Meanwhile, Buck has gone to "animal heaven," where his guide, a chicken mascot accidentally sent there by computer error, explains what's going to happen to him. With the help of his mouse lawyer, Buck tries to defend the fact that he has, indeed, been a good doggy, but the feline judge thinks otherwise. The two storylines tie together when the Bundys invite over a "medium" (Father Guido Sarducci) to talk to Buck (which he only pretends to do) and Buck, as his punishment, is reincarnated as a puppy that appears on the Bundy's coffee table. This episode marks the appearance of Lucky. Ben Stein guests as the chicken mascot who was shot six times in the face by an irate fan who didn't like him pretending his bald head was an egg. 


  1. Well at least they have Lucky around.

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