Look Who's Barking

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Married... With Children - Season 5 - Episode 14 - Look Who's Barking
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About this "Married... With Children" episode:
Married... With Children - "Look Who's Barking" is the 14th episode of season 5 and number 94 overall in the series.
Buck the dog runs away and takes home a white female dog who plots to replace him as the family pet. Meanwhile, Al searches for his favorite cheesecake chef. B. B. King makes a cameo appearance as a street musician.


  1. I am wondering this myself. No site gives this info & its not listed in the episode credits or imdb or anywhere I've looked. It almost sounds like Sally Field a bit but I'm not sure. Why would that be missing information?

    1. I went back & listened again & it's the mom from Home Alone. I forgot her name Catherine O'hara I think it is. Watched the episode & it was bugging me that I knew that voice but they didn't have it listed & for some reason it's not listed on any site. I watched the dog scenes again & it hit me. I'm almost positive that's her voice. This ep had no Peg in it & the guy playing an Italian cook in this ep was Babu from Seinfeld too. Too Funny.