Lez Be Friends

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Married... With Children - Season 11 - Episode 20 - Lez Be Friends
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About this "Married... With Children" episode:
Married... With Children - "Lez Be Friends" is the 20th episode of season 11 and number 255 overall in the series.
In this episode, Marcy's cousin, Mandy, comes to town and befriends Al. Marcy is very jealous of her cousin and she asks Al to keep her away from Jefferson. Later, Mandy confesses to Al that she is a Lesbian and then to Marcy, which makes her very angry. In the end, Al manages to make Marcy accept Mandy. 


  1. Wrong episode - this is not Lez Be Friends

    1. Thanks for pointing this out! It is fixed :)

    2. Doesn't appear to be fixed -- still says Lez Be Friends.

  2. i can honestly say Damn Bundys would have been a very fitting episode to end the series, even though it wasnt the last one made or aired. but to be honest i can see where the show started going downhill now, it got too cartoony for a live action show and i am guessing people wanted more serious/realistic programming. but i am grateful it was on for as long as it was. cheers to you bundys and darcys!!