Have You Driven a Ford Lately?

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Married... With Children - Season 1 - Episode 5 - Have You Driven a Ford Lately?

About this "Married... With Children" episode:
Married... With Children - "Have You Driven a Ford Lately?" is the 5th episode of season 1.
In this episode, Al and Steve buy a Mustang from 1965 from one of Kelly's boyfriends. The car is in a very bad condition but Al and Steve spend all their time in restoring it. The wives, Peg and Marcy are against it, especially because the husbands don;t pay to much attention to them since they start working at the Mustang.
There is also a good part in this, as Marcy gets to experience something in the backseat of the Mustang that she has always wanted to but of course Al ruins it.

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