Al Bundy, Shoe Dick

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Married... With Children - Season 6 - Episode 11 - Al Bundy, Shoe Dick
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About this "Married... With Children" episode:
Married... With Children - "Al Bundy, Shoe Dick" is the 11th episode of season 6 and number 116 overall in the series.
In this episode, Al leads a double life as a detective who's being framed for the murder of a rich woman's father. By solving the case, he wins $50,000. He wakes up and realizes that it was a dream. He also realizes that his wife's pregnancy was also his dream. 


  1. fact: if any of you noticed this was when katey sagal returned to the show from her actual pregnancy. sadly she suffered a miscarriage and lost the baby. So the writers did not want katey to have to go through the storyline they set into motion by making peg pregnant at the same time so this is the episode where they do a retcon and say how the pregnancy of peg and marcy was a dream in al's head.